Carrie-Anne Fields and My Health Yoga

Carrie-Anne Fields
Carrie-Anne Field.

“Yoga. The Integration Of The Mind, Body & Spirit. Yoga heals, nourishes, and challenges us.”

Carrie-Anne Fields was an amazing guide when I completed my Yoga Training with My Health Yoga. She still continues to inspire and support me on my teaching journey.

Carrie-Anne Fields and My Health Yoga

Carrie is the founder and owner of My Health Yoga and is featured on the cover of this month’s Australian Yoga Journal magazine. With its welcoming nature, My Health Yoga is a yoga community that embraces all yogis and celebrates individuality. Carrie-Anne and the team instill in all those practicing yoga to find their inner self. You feel free to discover your own style and explore your personal well-being.


The ideals underpinning My Health Yoga have strongly influenced my passion for yoga. This can  been seen as I teach as I encourage people to explore their own path. A path that is opposed to being molded into fitting a certain form or idealistic vision of yoga. A path that embraces asana development and transformation as well as supporting a forever evolving practice. This helps each individual feel good in their own bodies.

Visit Carrie-Anne at her website for everything from yoga classes to courses and training.

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