Compartmentalise; Yin Yoga and Thinking For Success

compartmentalise yin yoga

Yoga: Mind and Body

Yoga is based on awareness. It brings the attention into the body and the ‘mind’. It is about waking up and seeing what is. To accept what is reality in this present moment, the only moment that counts.


Did you know that yoga is a fantastic way to train your brain to compartmentalise? It sounds contradictory to the fundamental aspects of yoga just discussed, but it is truly a great way to successfully alter the way you think.

When compartmentalising your brain separates, divides, and categorises information into sections. In basic terms it takes a mass of thoughts and systematically organises them to make for easier more effective solutions.

How Does This Help Me?

Experts explain that when we become overwhelmed with too many pressures, demands,  expectations and thoughts our effective brain processes can reach breaking point. This “creates uneasy strain in your mind, and compartmentalisation helps keep the two worlds from colliding.”

Yoga helps bring forth mental filtering and organisational habits that allows you to handle the high pressured, chaotic and emotionally fuelled situations life throws your way. Yoga creates a brain that expertly computes thoughts to produce actions that bring about greater achievement.

Learn To Compartmentalise With Yin Yoga

Yin yoga calls for the engagement in active meditation. It is a meditations that instils a state of acute awareness of the body and the internal mind. Yin yoga can prepare the mind to compartmentalise effectively.

Yin Yoga allows you to look at all things from an honest, simple and non-judgmental view. Once our mind and body are in this state we can assess our lives neutrally. Yin yoga assists the process of compartmentalisation as we are able to file things away in our brains and ultimately get down to the core issues. Only then can we stop our body experiencing stress from perceived issues and utlise our brain to find solutions to any issue.

A Balanced Mind For Successful Decisions

Don’t you wish you could perform better at work? Accomplish more with less stress and improved success?

Or do you simply have demands in other areas of your life? Caring or looking after many people as well as yourself? Being pulled between two places at once, physically or mentally? Or battling with the ever growing amount of thought and ‘to do’ lists in your head?

Becoming overwhelmed won’t ease the situation. Compartmentalisation allows us to access our brains in a way that sorts the urgent from the necessary and allows us to carry on in life on top of our game.

Such problem solving is doable when you become calm and connected. Yin yoga can help you decipher these issues and deal with them using a calm, open and balanced mind.

Better Brain Benefits

Yin yoga has incredible cognitive effects on the brain. From improved clarity and emotional intelligence to enhanced memory and productivity; training the brain to compartmentalise in this way will gift you with greater success. Success experienced not at the detriment of your happiness, but a success that is built upon a clear and calm confidence.

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