Establishing Your Personal Yoga Practice.

yoga at homeLearning To Listen

I love my personal yoga practice and I love attending yoga classes, especially as a yoga teacher myself. It allows me to move in a way that my own mind would not ask of me. I can experience new movement. Can be guided to new places through meditation and connect with others in a different way.

I also believe a personal yoga practice is valuable to reap all the rewards yoga has to offer. I believe in addition to the guidance of yoga teachers, it is important to step back and look into ourselves. With our own personal practice we can learn how to listen to our own body and mind. As a result we can engage in methods that directly boost our health and wellbeing.

Move Intuitively

Establishing my own yoga practice made me feel deeply connected to my body and Self. I could move in an intuitive way. It truly heightened my sense of what I was feeling and what my body needed in that moment. I found my personal practice reached me on a deep physical, emotional and mental level. But, in an almost dualistic manner. I was listening to my self, telling myself what I needed to do to benefit from my practice.

My personal yoga practice did take some time to get use to. Before you head on home to jump into your first personal practice, I suggest you do two things;

 1. Create a space in your home that makes it easy for you to practice personal yoga.

Allocate a corner or, if your lucky to have it, a spare room to perform yoga and/or meditation. This area should be soft and inviting. It should not be cluttered. Display one or two things that remind you of the calm, restful state yoga brings. For me this consisted of a blue mat rolled out in the corner near a window. I placed a candle and small marble stone on a low stool. Here is where I kept my eye pillow, yoga block and strap for easy access.

Having a space like this reminds you of your practice. It allows you to always be prepared. If you walk past and decide you wish to come to the mat, it is all there ready and waiting for you. You just follow the feeling and engage in the moment through yoga.

2. Take time to consider, create and structure your routine.

I have created a class on Skillshare to help those establishing their own personal yoga practice. It helps you learn the ins and outs of building your own routine to practice at home. This is often the step in the process that most stumble upon. This is because it can feel daunting and difficult! With a few resources and guidance, creating your own routine can bring you holistic health in a way that balances all aspects of your body and mind.

The great thing is you can tailor each routine to suit everything you need. Adapt depending on time, skill level, body and mood requirements. All these factors can be taken into account when creating your own set of visual instructions. These visual instructions act to guide you through an enjoyable practice. Once created you can use them again and again!


SkillsharepromotionHere is my special link to a free Premium Membership to Skillshare for one month. You will be able to access thousands of Skillshare classes. By clinking on my special referral link you can learn from my class ‘Creating Visual Instructions For Your Own Yoga Routine’. Feel free to leave comments and reviews and of course share with me the routines you create!

I hope this resource is of help to you. If so feel free to share it with your friends and family. Here is the shareable link I believe there is an important place for a personal yoga practice. Set up your space and create a deeper, more engaging and personalised yoga experience.


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