Thinking… It Is What We Humans Like To Think About

Thinking; Simple Yet Complex

It is natural to be intrigued. To wonder and to investigate. Like the curious cat, humans have been delving into what makes us ticks for era upon era. The brain is such a magnificent thing. A wonder that still causes perplexity even among the greatest minds today.

Philosophical views about life consider what we think, how we think and why we think. We seek ways to attach meaning to what is going on in our bodies and our minds. Why? Maybe because we are the type of developed creature that requires an answer. ‘Just because’ is not good enough. We want to know what makes us tick, what things we can discover and way we can use such knowledge to lead a happier life.

Views On Living Life

Buddhism is a way of life. A way of simplifying and seeing the truth and honest in all we do. When we think about thinking in ‘the Buddhism way’, we are accepting. We accept thoughts and then we disconnect. Accept and disconnect. The act of letting go of what does not serve us. Embracing a sense of passive calm, like a leaf being picked up and swirled away on the breeze. Believe me, it’s harder than it sounds! Have you ever tried quieting your mind? Buddhism in this sense is neither active nor reactive. It just simply is. And still many people in our current society struggle with this simplicity.


With this on my mind I enjoyed stumbling across Stoicism; the more proactive philosophical perspective that seems as well suited to today’s society as it was in the time of its formation. Even without deep prior knowledge of Stoicism I could sense, as a delved further, its practical application. Almost like an innate drive, it guides you to not only discover truths in life, but to act upon them. Not a process, but another way of life, to prepare the brain and mind to utilise thoughts as they unveil themselves.

Buddhism and Stoicism

Buddhism and Stoicism. An interesting comparison. From accepting and disconnecting, to overcoming destructive emotions though action, not endless debate. Watch Thought Monkey’s video on Stoicism and see if you, like me, found new and different ways to think about thinking. New and different ways we can approach our lives, to feel connected and obtain happiness through our thoughts. 

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