Young Meditators Scripts For Teachers

children guided meditation600I am excited to launch my Young Meditators project. Over the past several months I have thoroughly enjoyed collating all my skills, knowledge and experience from wokring with teachers and students to create a program that brings beneficial meditation into the classroom.

Calmer Mind, Calmer Classroom

I have seen first hand great progress in students’ behaviour as a result of a consistent classroom meditation practice. I have witnessed its positive impact on students’ learning, relationships and emotional intelligence. Student become more focused, are able to solve problems more effectively and become more resilient. They are relaxed and aware of their own thoughts and feelings which enables them to establish closer and more meaningful bonds with their peers. And of course I definitely enjoyed one of the major and most obvious benefits… a calmer environment.

The Value Of Your Voice

The use of my voice through guided meditation was also an unexpected bonus. Scientific studies show humans have a deep subconscious connection with voice. This is especially strong when students listen to your voice in a state of deep rest and comfort. I believe a level of trust and empathy grows between those who go through this process. As a result meditation can enhance a trusting, respectful and productive teacher-student relationship.

All in all, meditation really supports my classrooms by developing the physical, mental, social, emotional and academic wellbeing of my students. Young Meditators scripts were created as a way to assist all teachers in bringing the same benefits into their classroom. They aim to help raise future adults who experience a healthy body and mind and therefore a happy life.

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